The new Report Center

Upsales new Report Center is now live! Here is a presentation of what is new and how it may be used. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

1. The new interface
2. New reports
3. Updated export feature
4. Filter by account manager
5. Share reports with co-workers

The new interface

The interface of the Report Center has been redesigned to make it easier to choose which report to view, what data to use and what to limit the data by.



The report name is in the upper left corner of the Report Center. To change the report, click the name and a list of all the reports will appear.

Click the "star" icon next to the name if you would like to save a report you have customized. A box will appear where you give the custom report a name and add a description. Every user may now share their saved reports, see here for instructions.




Detailed instructions of every report is now available if you click "What does this report say?" in the upper right corner. The description explains what data is used and which activities in Upsales that creates the data.



Below this row are all the options you may use to customize the report. What you may customize depends on what type of report is being viewed. In this example there are two rows of customize options. More options are available in reports where it is relevant, like what to group by (week, month, quarter or year).




Please note that the title of the option changes as something is selected. Below are two examples, the first with no options while the second has the user group "KAM" as user and "Gustav Pettersson" as account manager.





Below these customize options is where you configure how the report should be displayed. Choose the limit of the report to the left, ("Top 10" or "All (18)").

To the right is where you choose how to view the report. The options are usually Pie, Bar, Column and Table, but some reports can not be viewed in every way (notice how the Pie option is not available in the report below). To the right is also an option to export the report to Excel.




If you want more information of what the data in the report represents, you may hoover the mouse over the graph and a popup dialog will appear. In many reports you may also click on the graph to view a detailed list.


New reports

"Sales per client" and "Opportunity per account" are now available.

Sales per account



Opportunity per account




Updated export feature

The previous version of the report center only allowed export of raw data, you may now export the report's table view to Excel.




Filter by account manager

It is now possible to filter the sales reports by account manager, no matter which user that made the sale.




Share reports with co-workers

The previous version of the Report Center only allowed Enterprise accounts to share their reports to other users, this feature is now available for every Upsales CRM user.

Click the "star" icon to the right of the report name to save it, check "Public report" to make the report available for the other users.



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