Export Info from Upsales CRM

Export information from Upsales CRM:


In Upsales CRM there is a function that enables you to export information to Excel.

To export information from Upsales CRM you need to have export permission. An administrator can give this by: 

-  Click on “Administration” up to the left.





-  Click on the tab “Users & Roles” where you can click on “Users”

- Click on the User that you wish to grant export permission.



- Click the checkbox “Export permission” and click save.




Now you are ready to begin exporting. When doing this you often start from the Upsales CRM search function. From here you can search and export accounts, meetings, activities and orders.


- Click on “Search” in the top menu, to the left

- In the drop down above up to the right (search – accounts) you can choose which information you want to search for.



- Above the search result up to the right you’ll find a drop-down list. Here you can choose if you want to export “Checked accounts” or “All matching records”.

- Click on the Excel icon to export your search result.



- In the next view you can check the informatiion you want to export.

- Click on the button “Export”


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