The lead feature is a free and simple solution to get easier and better track of leads. It makes it possible to search incoming leads and process them in an easy way. To get leads into Upsales you can use a web form you put on your website which the customer fills in or add them manually when they for example come in by mail or telephone.

Managing a lead

Go to the leads via the top menu, there you will see all your incoming leads.
Leads marked red are unprocessed leads that have neither an account nor user connected to it or when no activity has been created by the user.

Quick Assign:

Here you can choose to add the lead to a campaign, set the lead source and assign it to a certain user that continues to work the lead by creating an account and the first activity for it.

Quick Create:

With this function you can easily create a new account (which will use the information stored in the the lead), set the account manager, add the account to a campaign and at the same time also create and assign an activity for the account.




Creating a leads form (Administrators)

Start by going in to Administration and click “Manage Form”.
Click “New form” and enter a name and description for the form. In the Return URL field enter the address you want the user to be redirected to after they submit the form.

After you click “Save” you get to select which standard fields you want to use in the form and also the possibility to create custom fields. The custom fields can be a text box, a yes or no check box or a drop-down list.



When you are finished click “Save” and Upsales will generate a script for the form.



The code must be included in your website where you want the form. The appearance should be adjusted to fit your website. Simply click inside the window below, use your cursor to highlight the script, and copy the script into your favourite editor.

Now you are all set to use the leads feature.

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