Upsales CRM import guide

The Upsales Import data F.A.Q

In Upsales CRM there is a function that lets you create new or update existing accounts and contact cards by using Excel templates. This tool enables you as a user to streamline the flow of adding information to Upsales.


Note: The tool can only handle accounts and contact information.
Orders, activities, meetings etc. are not supported.

How do I Import information to Upsales?
In the Upsales CRM Interface:
1.    Click on the arrow up the left
2.    Click on “Administration”   



3.    Under the administration interface, click “Import register”





4.    After this clicking the “import register” you will get to this view. When importing information we recommend you to use our import template. Click the on the link “Download template for import”



The import template is a column separated import sheet where you add your information.  The file contains columns for every account and contact field in the system, where the column name indicates witch field the information are to be inserted in.
It is wise to add custom fields in Upsales CRM before you start to import. When a field is added the import template will be updated with another column (The field name).
Note: When importing the first time or adding new info, you have to remove the column “Upsales ID”. This is an ID that the system sets on every new account that is imported in Upsales, and can’t be set by you as user.




5.    Add the information in your template as the pictures shows below, if an account has more than one contact it is important to add rows for this. For example, a company with three contacts needs to have a row for each one. (se picture below) When your sheet is complete with the information you want, you are ready to upload and import the information.


6.    To upload and start importing follow the previous steps in the guide (1-3). You are now ready to import your accounts and contacts, choose the excel file you have created from the Upsales CRM import template.







7.    Down below you can see the import interface and the column section:




Name: This is the names of the actual columns in your excel sheet

Data type:  This section contains a number of dropdowns that has a list of all the fields on your customer and contact card. So you can manually choose where the information from you excel sheet is to be inserted in the system.

Match: Here you choose what criteria’s you want to match, to avoid duplicates.

When checking the boxes you tell the system to look on certain parameters to see if these are already in the system. If they are, the information that’s not matched will be updated/inserted.

Example: The tool imports information per row, and if you have for ex. three contacts on a account, you will have three rows with the same account name in your sheet (see step 5). If you match on account name, zip code and contact name the following thing will happen when importing:

The system inserts the first row and creates a Customer card with a contact and the rest of the info from the row in the sheet. When this row is done it will import the next one. Due to our matching, before importing, the system will look if there is an account with the same name, zip code and contact in Upsales CRM. In this case it is! So now the system will only update the things that are not matched, meaning that a new contact will be created on the actual account.

If this row didn’t have a zip code, a duplicate (account) would have been created. This is why, when matching on all parameters the risk of having duplicates increases. You want to match on as few and unique things as possible!



8.    Under settings you can choose an accountmanager, campaign, account and contact category to connect your information to. You can also have Upsales CRM email you when the import is done under “When finished”.


9.    Click on “import” to import your file, when it’s done it should be under the section under “Finished Imports”




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