Icons in activity list

The activity list in Upsales CRM features many smart functions to make your activity management easier and increase your efficiency!

 Arrow = Move an activity

 Check = Finish an activity

 Flash = Activities "one by one"

 X = Delete an activity

Easily change the activity date by clicking the "arrow" icon, finish an activity with the "check" icon and delete an activity with the "X" icon.

When clicking the "flash" icon you can manage your activities with Upsales "one-by-one" function. Use the "Next" or "Previous" buttons to easily navigate between activities.

Different to the regular activity view, "one-by-one" displays more prospect, or client, information. The client card header, notes and contacts are displayed in this view. When using the "one-by-one" function, any changes will be saved with no need to click "save", just click "next" to go to the next activity.

No matter if you make a lot of cold calls or following up on your current customers, the "one-by-one" function will speed up your activity management significantly. Use less button clicks to get more activities done!

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