Release - Red Beach - Dec 15

Happy holidays everyone!

Our latest release brings us to the beautiful Panjin where you'll experience the biggest wetland in the world. We introduce Red Beach

Did you know? The entire marsh of Red Beach is composed of a single red plant called Suaeda salsa. 

Read more about Red Beach here -> 


You've made a sale! Stay at the top of your game and never miss an event in Upsales with the notification system. 

Whenever you or a colleague makes a sale you will be notified in the upper-right corner. This will also show marketing events if you have Marketing Automation. 

Upload your files!

Keep track of all the files related to your clients. Now you can upload files onto a client and/or contact card. You can even chose to connect a specific uploaded file to an order, activity or an opportunity.

This is perfect when you want to upload a contract and keep it connected to its related order. 

Find new prospects

We have improved the search function for our Bisnode connection. As you can see searching now includes organisation number, and we've also improved its precision when searching just by company name. 

Merge contacts

A new feature that you can use is contact merging. It works just as it does when merging clients. In order to use it you'll need to be looking at a contact card, and from there you can choose to merge a contact with the one you are currently browsing. 

New filter

A new filter is now available for use on either the Client Register, Activity List, Sales, Recurring Order list views. The example picture below shows how you can use this new filter to only show clients residing in Stockholms Län except for the ones in Kista. 

Private mail templates

For easy access to all your favorite mail templates you can now save them as private. They will then be available at the top of the list when choosing your template. This is perfect to use if you have a signature. Just create your signature as a template, save it as private, and when you want to mail someone just chose it at the top of the list.

New view on contact card

Does your order have a specific contact connected to it? Then you will love the fact that whenever you're looking at said contacts main card view, there will be a specific view for showing orders connected to that contact. 

Remote Login

In order for us, here at Upsales support, to provide you with the best service possible we now have a new function called remote login.

This means that if it is required for us to use your account to solve an issue we'll now have the ability to send a request to do so. By answering this request you are giving us access to your account for 1 hour. 

In conclusion...

there are some pretty great new features and upgrades, and more is sure to come. Lastly we have also resolved a few minor performance issues and bugs. 

Our next release will be coming to you right before Christmas, so stay tuned and have a jolly good time until then!  

Kind regards,

Isabella Billgren - Customer Success Specialist

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