HTML 5 creatives (Zip or hosted elsewhere)

* This list contains all available dimensions we can display your HTML5 creative in

* Your creative will be displayed inside an iFrame, a generated Click URL will be sent in a “clickTAG” querystring, e.g.,

<iframe src=“https://yourad/index.html?clickTAG=http://landingpage”>

It is important that you catch this landing page with Javascript and use in your creative to open clicks, as this URL is used to collect the creatives performance.

Please review our sample HTML5 ad for an example on how this may be implemented.

* If uploading a ZIP file: Make sure the root path of your Zip file has a file named “index.html”, this must also be the main html file for the ad. If this file is missing, or is in a folder, an error message will be sent while uploading.

* Max size for all files, including external libraries, is 200kb. If you are uploading a ZIP file, the compressed size can not exceed 200kb or an error message will be sent.

* Always use SSL (https) to include external libraries or media. Otherwise your ad will not be displayed on web sites using SSL including previews of your ad in Upsales.

* All links must have the attribute target=“_blank” to make them open in a new window or tab

* Use a 1px border around the creative, please note that the border is included in the creative dimension!

* Include your company or product logo in the creative, some exchanges will not display your ad without a logo

Download sample ad here


* It is good practice to have your ad fall back to an image if an older browser with limited features is used.

* Please remember to test your ad in a lot of browsers and operating systems. Don’t forget mobile/tablets and older browsers :)

* Use webfonts or SVG to display text

* Use vector images (e.g., SVG) instead of static images if possible

* Use JPG for photos, PNG for other graphics or images with transparent parts

* Try to avoid GIF images

* Minimize external calls. One Javascript file and one CSS - or use everything inline in one HTML file.

* External libraries, like jQuery, is included in total file size. Try to only include the parts your ad is using

* Minify your code

* Use CSS animations and instead of Javascript when possible

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