Release - Colosseum - March 2016

Hi everyone,

We'd like to introduce you to our latest update. We have named it after one of the world's most recognized and largest monuments, Colosseum.


Introducing the new and improved Advanced Search function. This is a great way to create quick and easy lists based on complex parameters. The demo video below shows how you can use the new search function.


We have updated the mail text editor, as part of our marketing automation. With this comes also a new interface for uploading and managing your pictures, that you use in your mails. In the demo below we'll show you how to use the new editor. 


As part of our Marketing Automation we have added lists containing Forms and Web visits. For an example on how to use these lists to improve your Marketing workflow check out the demonstration below. 

If you don't have Marketing Automation it's available to all users who subscribe to 5+ Enterprise licenses. Contact our Customer Success Team for more info on how to upgrade. 


This new toggle function works on most of our lists in Upsales Power. For instance, if you open up the Client Register you can easily switch between contacts and companies by pressing the toggle button; as demonstrated below.


Upgrade your salesboard and make sure you only see what you need to see. As the example shows below you now have the option to filter the salesboard based on date, campaigns, and/or account managers to name a few.

If you're interested in adding filters to your salesboard and customizing to your needs contact our Customer Success Team.   


As always we've also resolved some bugs and minor issues. After a release we report to each and everyone of our users who have reported a bug to let you know that it is solved. If you don't receive an update on your issue it is probably because we are still working on it. 

If you have questions about this you can always contact us.  


In this update we've focused on expanding existing functions by adding more complex options. If you need help or have questions on how to use these options to your advantage please don't hesitate to contact the Customer Success Team. 


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