Release - Tianzi Mountains - April 2016

Split appointments & activities
The activities has now been split into two separate lists. The primary one is for activities only and the second is for appointments. 
Don’t forget that you can easily toggle between the two lists via the toggle link here:
Improved list functionality
This release we’ve worked on tweaking the lists in Upsales (such as activities, accounts & contacts, sales, etc.). The view should now be more comprehensive and be able to fit more rows than before. 
Also, be sure to use our new side buttons in the activities list. These include move activity, close and delete. Please see the video below for information on how to use these:
Custom-made salesboard cards
A new customisation option will now be available to all our users, to change the content of your deal-cards on the sailboard.  Below are some examples of what new changes can be done to improve your board.
If you’d like a custom-made card for your board feel free contact your account manager or get in touch with our Customer Success team. 
New date filters
As part of constantly improving the overall experience of Upsales we've added improved date filters.
Depending on where you are in Upsales the date filter will give you different options. For instance on the sales list you’ll get past and present date-periods, but in the opportunity list you’ll also get future date-periods to choose from. 
As always we've resolved some bugs and minor issues. Remember that after each release we report to all of our users who've reported a bug to let you know that it’s resolved. If you don't receive an update on your issue it’s because we are still working on it. 
If you have questions about this you can always contact us. 
This update had a focus on adding small but significant improvements to the user experience and overall functionality & design of Upsales.
Also, don’t forget to follow these posts to always stay up to date on what’s happening with Upsales. Another update is coming up next week already!
Happy Spring!
With regards,
Isabella Billgren
QA Engineer
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