UPDATE - Tianzi Mountains - April 2016


On Friday 29th April the features you use the most will all be updated. Our goal is to help all our users achieve smarter and more efficient work processes. That's why we've updated the activities, appointments, opportunities and orders by giving them a brand new look and features.

Below you'll find detailed information on what's been added and improved, and how to use the features. 


The activities panel has gotten more powerful, with more options and information to make your work more efficient.

Expanded account information

The account connected to your activity now gets its own area. In the upper-left corner you'll get a quick overview of the account's basic information, such as rating, location and contact details. 

Edit and create contacts

Just below the account-info you can select which contact from the company that should be connected to the activity. There you'll find that even the contact has been given it's own section.

In the spirit of making tools for smart and efficient work processes you'll be able to edit and create contacts directly from within the activity.

Example: As you're working on the activity notes you receive information that the contact has changed their phone number. Instead of closing the activity you can now click the edit button, placed just below the contact information. That will open the edit-mode and when you're done you just click save and the contact has been updated. Simple, smart and easy.



Your appointments have been given their own panel. This will give you full control of your appointments and even plan your day directly from within the appointment.


When creating and editing an appointment you'll get access to our new built-in monthly calendar. This calendar shows what days of the month already have booked appointments and how many. 


One of our new features is the availability view. This means that you'll be able to book appointments based on what you and your colleagues already has planned for the day.

When you've chosen a date for the appointment the daily calendar at the bottom of the panel will update and show what other appointments you've booked, all of this will be shown on a timeline. Also, if you've added a colleague to the appointment their availability will been shown. When an appointment transpires at the same time as another you'll see it indicated with an orange color and warning symbol.


With the new location field you can set where the meeting will take place. If the account has a visit address already registered a link will be available at the field that will automatically add that address as a location. 

Opportunities & Orders

The opportunity and sales panel will be more efficient. You'll get more information about the account, contact and products as you're working on your orders, and be able to search amongst your product categories when selecting a product to sell.


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