RELEASE - Great Blue Hole - June 2016



User defined objects

Customize Upsales even further with the user defined objects. Create them via the administration panel and using the custom fields you can start to build your own objects. From there you connect them to another entity, such as account or contact. The object will then be displayed with its own tab on the account/contact dashboard. 

They are very useful for example client analysis reports and any type of extra information that you are missing from Upsales. 

Just like any other entity in Upsales user defined objects can be created, edited, filtered and sorted from a list; and from there they can be exported. 

If you want inside tips on how to use this feature you are free to contact your account manager at Upsales or our Customer Success team:

Engage - Account Based Marketing 

Engage is an account based marketing service where you can target to show your ads for only specific companies on the leading Swedish & International sites; all from within Upsales. 

Start by setting up your target group, by filtering via industry, company size and region. Unlike the advertising campaigns where you don't know exactly who's seen your ads, Engage focuses on campaigns that delivers results.

The ads will appear on some of the leading digital media sites, both nationally and Swedish, such as,, Affärsvä

For more info contact our Engage team: 




Retargeting allows you to display ads to those who have already visited your website. It helps you target those who have already found their way to your website. It is a smart and cost-effective part of any marketing strategy.

To learn how you can use retargeting in your ads, please contact our Customer Success:



As always we've resolved some bugs and minor issues. Remember that after each release we report to all of our users who've reported a bug to let you know that it’s resolved. If you don't receive an update on your issue it’s because we are still working on it. 
If you have questions about this you can always contact us. 
To sum up...
This release focused on expanding the functionality of Upsales even more than we've done before. With features such as user defined objects and Engage retargeting we make it easy to grow and customize your sales process. 
We're not stopping here though. For our next release we'll be introducing our very own mail template editor. So don't forget to keep a lookout for any information about that new feature. 
Have a great summer!
Isabella Billgren
QA Engineer
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