Upsales provides an API for accessing and manipulating the data in Upsales CRM. The API allows you to integrate business applications with Upsales CRM and allows you to not only accessing and mass importing data, but also create, add, change and delete clients, contacts, projects, orders, opportunities, activities, appointments, products and users.

Contact the Upsales Support team ( for help to get started with API login credentials.

Upsales API is a SOAP web service. A listing of all services, wsdl and xsd files can be found here.


  1. Authentication
  2. Authorization
  3. Throttle limit
  4. More questions?



Calls are authenticated through WS-security UsernamToken authentication. You will need to submit you username and password in the SOAP header. HTTPS is required to secure and encrypt the message through SSL.
Your login credentials to Upsales CRM are not enough to access the API. Instead specific user login accounts must be created, or your account must be activated, upon request, for access to the API.



The users that are authorized to access the services and data are the same as the users within Upsales CRM. Upsales will check your role on each request and users who access data that they don’t any rights to will cause and return a SOAP fault. By default users in Upsales CRM don’t have access to the API.
Please contact the Upsales support team ( to grant a user API call rights. You can grant multiple accounts access through the API.


Throttle Limit

We have an API throttle that blocks accounts emitting more than 50 calls per 15 seconds. We reserve the right to tune the limitations, but they are always set high enough to allow a well-behaving interactive program to do its job.

For batch processes and API developers who still need to perfect their code, this throttle may be an inadvertent blocker. Just wait and make no API calls (the throttle is reset with each call). The throttle will lift itself in few minutes and API calls may resume.




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